Mother's Milk Custom Bars


Introducing our specially crafted custom breast milk soap bars, made with the pure essence of motherhood. Our unique formula combines the nourishing benefits of your own breast milk with gentle ingredients, creating a soap that is tender on your child's delicate skin. Indulge in the joy of providing a personalized skincare experience for your little one, as these soap bars are thoughtfully handmade to ensure the utmost care.

Choose from a variety of additives to tailor the soap to your preferences. Embrace the nurturing touch of mother's love with our custom breast milk soap bars, making bath time a delightful and wholesome experience for your precious little one.


We need at least 6oz of breast milk for a 9 bar set. Bars are $9 a piece making the total set $81 total with free shipping or local pickup.

We will discuss shipping the milk to us after you've contacted us using the form below.

Add ins:

Butters and oils: Tallow Organic Unrefined Shea Mango Butter Coconut Oil Avocado Oil Olive Oil

Additives: Oats Clays, French Pink, Bentonite

Toppings: Chamomile Lavender Calendula Butterfly Corn Petals

*Essential oils are not recommended for Mother's Milk Soap Bars

Please choose your add ins from the list above and include them in your form below.

Interested in freeze drying your breast milk? Ask us about it! (Additional fees will apply.)

Please fill out the form below and include as much detail as possible. Don't forget to list your add ins!

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