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Soma-Sea Sponge

Soma-Sea Sponge

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The Sóma Sponge (Shower Sea Sponge)

σώμα - <greek word for body>

Size: 5-6 in

Lather, rinse & indulge at home with Nisiá's lush, 100 percent natural sea sponges.

Benefits of Natural Sea Sponges for Cleansing:

  1. Gentle on body skin

  2. Naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal

  3. Sustainably harvested

  4. Compostable and biodegradable

  5. 100 percent natural (no additives, synthetic materials, etc.)

  6. Toxin Free 

  7. Hypo-Allergenic

Nisiá sea bath sponges turn your mundane shower routine into a luxurious spa experience, grounding you to nature with an unrefined sponge from the Gulf of Mexico. Our sponges replace wasteful plastic loofahs and bacteria-filled washcloths with a sustainable alternative that leaves you naturally clean. Best of all, each customer supports the underwater ecosystem by using biodegradable natural sea sponges for bathing and body scrubbing that are harvested to promote regrowth.

*Sponges vary in size, shape, and appearance as they are sold in their natural state.*


Use dampened as a soap sponge to cleanse the skin or dry for dry brushing to remove dead skin cells.
For cleansing: add water and soap until the sponge is soft and produces a foamy lather. Wash body in circular motions and rinse any soap residue with water leaving the skin clean and gentle to the touch.
For dry brushing: Use the sponge when it is completely dry. The texture will feel rough and hard to squeeze. Rub the dry sponge over skin in a clockwise circular motion to remove dead skin cells and buildup. Use before a shower for best results.

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